Ipamorelin is one of the cleanest, most flexible and safest GHRP out there. The pentapeptide Ipamorelin is somewhat like Hexarelin, but are cleaner. In a way, it acts as GHRP-6 and GHRP – 2 without the sloppy sides increased hunger problems.

When it comes to the peptides, you are going to want a slow and steady release of a strong, clean pulse that mimics the natural time release of GH. This is going to be better for profits and keeping undesirable side down. Ipamorelin functions as a ghrelin mimetic, but unlike GHRP-6, has been shown to be more stable in the suppression of somatostatin and stimulate the release of GH.
Ipamorelin-chemical structure


Summary of benefits Ipamorelin

  • No peaks of cortisol and prolactin at lower doses.
  • Increases LBM.
  • Reduces body fat.
  • Anti aging properties (faster recovery).
  • Improves sleep and mood.

Looking Ipamorelin functions, it can be said to be similar to GHRP-6 on how to increase ghrelin and gastric motility, and aims at a selective pulse of GH. Although hunger sides in Ipamorelin is almost zero. This makes it a much more flexible peptide before bed time dose. Unlike GHRP-6 and GHRP-2, Ipamorelin occurred at high doses have almost no direct effect on the cortisol and prolactin production. This means that users can dose higher and more frequently without having to worry about the levels of cortisol and acetylcholine in plasma is elevated. In short, it can be softer GHRP, but are in no way the weakest. In fact, a GHRP, has proven to be one of the longer, and, at higher doses, the most powerful. Ipamorelin operation is a slow one building is much more like the release of the body hormone natural hormone (GH). This makes it the healthiest choice in the bunch!


How does it work?

After an athlete manages Ipamorelin, a selective pulse is sent that induces the hypothalamus / pituitary to release GH. The pulse may last for about three hours after injection. Once the pulse is sent GH, cells go directly to the muscle to support the development by staying away from any possible development of bone or cartilage. This is good for Ipamorelin users, as long-term use will affect lean body muscle growth without the likelihood of any distortion of bone or cartilage. The same can not be said for the synthetic HGH users, who are experiencing a strong side-effect on the swelling of the joints and even in some cases carpel tunnel. Ipamorelin increase the synthesis of the cells, increase the levels of insulin secretion from pancreatic tissue, and increase ghrelin stomach – which helps GH release and control of hunger. All these functions work to promote fat loss, moving nutrients, and building lean muscle mass.


Side effects

Even if Ipamorelin are milder and safer sides across the GHRP family, still comes to the side effects. Ipamorelin targeted release of GH, such as GHRP-6, but will not find out Ipamorelin FSH, PRL, TSH or blood serum of plasma LH levels as GHRP-6 or GHRP-2. Having said that, theoretically, at high doses Ipamorelin might cause an increase in cortisol or acetylcholine. In fact, when the sole Ipamorelin GHRP in a circle, there is virtually no elevation of plasma cortisol and acetylcholine. This applies even if the injections are much higher than the effective dose comparable release of growth hormone. So what are the side effects that can be expected with Ipamorelin; Most users will find the common side effect of head rush-like feeling and slight headaches. It is suggested that users start supplementation at a lower dose and work their way up. Moreover, it is best to inject Ipamorelin 30-45 minutes before training, so that the user can get the double benefit of growth hormones that work together to maximize results.


Dosage and Use

Ipamorelin, like other peptides, comes as a freeze dried powder is very fine. You can save it in the refrigerator or at room temperature prior to reconstitution. After reconstitution with bacteriostatic water, the vials should be stored in a cool, dry place, such as your refrigerator. insulin syringes is the best way to manage it, usually by subcutaneous injection.

Of course, using such Ipamorelin with GHRH CJC w / out DAC will give the user the greatest increase in GH and IGF-1, as GHRP and GHRH work together synergetically. The mean dosage for Ipamorelin 200-300mcg is two to three times daily. Twelve cycles week is quite normal and PCT are very minimal – mini-PCT is fine. If ever a prolactin problems, there are products that help reduce prolactin and estrogen-like symptoms. These include aromatase inhibitors (Aromasin, Arimidex, Femara), and anti-prolactin devices as Dostinex (Cabergoline).


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