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CJC-1295 Stimulates GH and IGF-1 Secretion, and will keep a steady increase of HGH and IGF-1 with no increase in prolactin.

It increases protein synthesis and stimulates the growth of new muscle tissue.
Increases muscle mass (and physical strength if combined with moderate exercise)
Reduces wrinkling of the skin and some other effects of skin aging.
Causes hyperplasia, the increase of more muscle cells
It promotes lipolysis, which results in the reduction of adipose tissue (body fat).


You can use a nasal sprayer to administer CJC-1295 to your research subject

Please note that the nasal spray method is NOT as effective as the injection method,

because the nasal passage only has a 40-50% absorption rate,

however they are a viable alternative and users still achieve amazing results without injections.


All products listed and provided through Xtremepro are intended for research purposes only. We do not promote the personal use of these products. Products provided by Xtremepro  are not intended for use in food products or as any type of drug. Our products are not intended to treat, prevent, mitigate or cure any disease or medical condition.

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